Rental Bikes

Cuesta offers you the best road bike rentals in Barcelona. We have high end Bianchi carbon road bicycles for hire. We offer a delivery service to any location in Barcelona and the rest of Catalonia.


Bianchi Infinito CV

Our high end endurance bicycle from Bianchi. Made for the cobbles of the spring classics but also a surprisingly good descender. Just the perfect bike for your day long tours in Barcelona.


Bianchi Oltre XR3

The Oltre XR3 is the newest addition to Bianchi’s suite of high performance aero road bikes.

The XR3 is a fitting complement to its highly successful stablemate XR4. The proven benefits of the Countervail technology and the aerodynamic advantages of the Oltre XR4 are shared with the XR3 to make a bike fit for a pro and available to you.


Bianchi Intenso

The Bianchi Intenso is our bang-for-the-buck full-carbon marathon bike. Comfortable geometry, high-end carbon monocoque frame, lightweight and rigid. The Bianchi Intenso is the perfect entry in the world of Bianchi carbon bikes.


Bianchi Intrepida

The Intrepida is a monocoque carbon fiber endurance road bike that keeps your rides fast, fun, and competitive while not breaking your bank account. Riding on a wheel base longer than Bianchi´s Extreme Racing series of bikes and with a slightly slack head tube angle, the Intrepida offers the rider stability.


Delivery Service

Cuesta offers rental bike delivery service to your hotel or apartment in Barcelona or your holiday residence in elswhere in Catalonia. Please check our rates page for more information or book your delivery on our online booking.